Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Red Shoes

        Sylvester found the shoes on the beach, left behind by the tide with the driftwood. The white laces were twisted together and tangled with seaweed, the red canvas stained dark with the sea and spotted with the muck of the shore. He slipped his flippers into them anyway. The soggy soles squelched beneath his skin.
        “Look at me!” He cried to the other seals, “I'm a human!” He wobbled along the beach, trying to prance as he'd seen the humans do, red sneakers flashing on the sand. The other seals barked with laughter. Slipping his flippers out of the soggy shoes, Sylvester sighed: the cool sand of the beach felt so much nicer on his skin. What silly creatures humans are, he thought, and abandoning the red shoes, he gave a happy bark and dove into the sea.

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